Barbie as the Island Princess (2007)

Barbie as the Island Princess (2007)

This is the story of an orphaned little girl named Ro, who lives in a desert island. Ro was raised by the local animals who became her friends and her family because she was a baby when her boat wrecked. Ro grew up very happy without remembering her past or how she arrive to the island. But one day her life changes radically when landed in that place the adventurous Prince Antonio; who was exploring near lands to his kingdom.

The prince and Ro immediately feel a deep love. Then Ro decides to leave the island accompanied by Antonio knowing that in this way may also know her origin; however on her arrival, the Kings don’t want Ro to be the prince’s wife and quickly scheduled a wedding with a princess from a nearby kingdom: Princess Luciana daughter of an evil woman: Queen Ariana.

Everything seems complicated for Ro; Queen Ariana will not allow to call off the wedding and will do everything so the girl get banished from the kingdom. Ro realizes she will be very unhappy leaving the island, but when everything seems to be lost, something wonderful will happen to her, something that will change her life forever.


  • princess

    this movie is just wonder i love it.
    its my dream to be a princess….. actually my name i PRINCESS it true

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      i cant believe u

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        its up to you dude no one asked you

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      r u malaysian if yes leave a comment dont vote down because i’m just asking BTW my name is puteri i live in malaysian and puteri means princess

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    My computer is slow, or there is something wrong with the site or the internet. The movie is still loading… i cant watch.

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    superb movie

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    i really really want it back u know! ! ! ! ! !

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  • banaan

    why does this movie keep on freezing


    my computer works i seenet without any stoping or loding i love this movie intresting

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    i love this movie and no it does not load

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    it always stuck

  • natalia

    good movie

  • luvmyfamily

    luv all the song I sang each day

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    hi guys

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    i am watching his movie

  • tania

    i love this movie too much i wish to become a princess and my sister too

    • Kshatria Faye Valencia

      me too

      • Beexly

        Me three

  • baby kaely

    i love this movie i got all the barbie movies on dvd i have all her dolls and all barbie costoms stickers but i love rapping more love baby kaely

  • Lolli

    I’ve always dreamed of being a princess and being able to see the beautiful nature not deforestation! I wish I can talk to animals like Ro/Rosella!!! <3

  • Rosa

    I like the part when Ro/Rosella married Prince Antonio Ro/Rosella wears a beautiful wedding dress then they sail away and then they live happily ever after .

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    Guys the best way to watch is to use a ipad

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  • jane

    its a great movie

  • Rachele Stock

    Does any one notice that when Barbie sang to her mom at 77:50 that she had something green on her teeth?

  • Princess2000

    Even my dream is too be a princess that is y I love barbie moviees mostly I like barbie princess charm school

  • Princess2000

    Actually every girl has a dream to be a princess and like barbie movies…. U can dis clued my classmates they just run behind1 d lol

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    love i want a true love like this

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    The movie is so cool

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    wish i could watch it everyday :D

  • zinlove

    I haven’t even seen the full movie as yet [my mom does not let me watch the . she says that they are for girls of age of 3. buts still I watch them bit by bit when she is out ] I love watching Barbie movies but I think this movie is going to be fun !! I read those feedbacks down there
    I AM WATING TO WATCH IT !!!!!! ……….. OH MOM IS COMMING <3 <3 ……..

  • maria

    i really like this movie barbie is looking so beautiful in this movie.

  • maria

    i cant watch this movie because my computer is so slow

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    I love the song oh my god you need to watch my little pony :)

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    love it