Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper (2004)

Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper (2004)

The Princess Annelise and humble seamstress Erika, born simultaneously and physically identical, as it they were twins. The only difference between them it’s their hair color: Annelise is ir blond and Erika’s is black. By chances of fate, Annelis and Erika meet each other, and they are surprised to see their resemblance. They become good friends without suspicion that their lives must unite for a great adventure.

The princess Anneliese, craves freedom from her royal duties, especially when she finds out that a wedding has been arranged to marry King Dominick, a man who she doesn’t love; in order to save her people from the misery into which it has sunk. By the other hand, Erika also has troubles with the dressmaker for whom she works, a malicious and greedy woman.

The situation complicated for both of them, but a big surprise changes their lives. The Princess Annelise and Erika will be united by friendship and danger. Annelise is kidnapped by the evil Preminger, Queen’s Counsel, who plans to call off the princess’ wedding to ask for her hand and marry her, but things won’t prove to be so simple to Preminger, who would see his plans thwarted by Annelise and Erika, who has a lot of resemblance to the princess.


  • Tung Li

    This movie was quite confusing. I realized the movie the PRINCESS AND THE POPSTAR was a modern version of this movie. I mean, one song is the same.

    • barbie

      wht if 1 song is same?

      • Princess8800

        Can I ask u one thing

        • barbie


          • Princess8800

            What’s your name

          • lily


          • 1D_luvZAYN


      • Abigail Espedido

        Hi Barbie Can I ask ?How This Movie Can DownLoad :) Thankyou For Answers ^________^ pLeassse

        • 1D_luvZAYN

          hmm, idk i think v can’t

    • Lia

      Except that was horrible and this isn’t… for a Barbie movie, anyway.

      Anyway, the stories are almost completely different.

      • Isabelshygirl

        whats horrible?

    • Isabelshygirl

      really? its confusing?

      • Irene Hoopai-Ogalino

        actually its not confusing coz it has different lyrics if your really a fan of barbie you’d know the difference

      • Rose Amerlade

        well no but actually its a better movie

    • Princess Analiese

      this movie is better than princess and the popstar if you ask me princess and the popstar is kinda cheesey :/

  • Nethmi

    I love the princess

    • arabella

      wouldent that mean youre gay :)

      • Nethmi

        Hey ,who ever you are why would you tell that?? I am a11 year old girl!!!!!!!!! You stop that GAY thing of yours. OK!!!!

  • barbie

    amazing movie!!!

  • arabella

    sorry no affence

    • Princess8800

      What do u mean by that

  • arabella

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  • Princess8800

    Love it

  • Isabelshygirl

    Lol at the end the actions it was funny lol i can’t belive this movie has princess and the popstar song in thier

    • Irene Hoopai-Ogalino

      well actually the princess and the popstar is the one who copied the song coz the princess and the pauper is the 1st movie before they created princess and the popstar

      • nuhzat malik

        intrusting story……………..

  • olamide

    great but borring

  • jennifer

    sometimes I thought that this movie is boring then the other sometimes I was right though I still like barbie and the movies I still like or dislike, well I say it but never dislike it anyway

  • Nicamione

    I think madam carp should be madam crap! Haha~

    • barbiefan

      so true!

  • hadia

    see with popcorns and nuggets then you will like this movie alot

  • hadia

    and it,s not confusing Tung Li

  • hadia

    what,s your name princess880
    what a funny name,hahaha

  • Rosa

    The one in the princess and the pauper and the one in the princess and the popstar were just the same but one is 2004 and one is renew

  • Angel Minahil Ahsan

    to be a pricess is the song of princess and the popstar ,princess and the popstar copied the song….

    • Princess Analiese

      No look closer this movie was made BEFORE Princess and the Popstar they copied this one

  • JosetteRENAE

    it doesn’t matter if they copied! what matters is that we enjoyed the movie!

  • nursofiyah1

    This movie is very sweet . Simple but affective . Huh ?!

  • Darcie


  • DaBoss

    This is my all time favorite movie i grew up loving it to the point of obsession :) i went as the princess for halloween and my sis was the pauper we made dresses that matched the ones from the movie is that so weird?! XD

  • Erica

    When I was little, this movie was my jam. Just because my name was Erica, and I was a brunette and my best friend was blonde. My lord. But, I literally just found out about Princess and the Popstar. And, I’m ticked. It’s just… no. :/

  • yuri

    that was a kind of hair

  • Alexandiya

    Barbie is so awsome

  • Mex Koh

    among all the movies of barbie … The Princess and the pauper is myfavorite :) I love this movie !!!

  • irishdancerGC

    omg the first song is also im princess and the popstar!!!!

    • Princess Analiese

      yeah they wanted to include some of the original in the newer one

  • shafire

    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  • shafire

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hulares
    yodlaheooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Rheamae Mendoza

    i like this movies ..

  • Guest


  • hannah

    So Slow !! >.<

  • lily

    this is funny!

  • Princess2000

    There should be barbie princess charm school 2 it will surely rock or princess and pop star do u think the same??????:):):):):):)

    • Princess Analiese

      sounds cool! i think they should make a movie like charm school accept instead of being a school for princesses it should be a school for spies :o

  • areej

    I always watch the movies from here well barbie movies only here only

  • areej

    and i love this place

  • areej

    o better place for watching barbie not youtube not megashare no where thanks for doing this great place

  • areej


  • areej

    One question??? is the princess the sister of the pauper

    • Princess Analiese

      No, they just look alike and are the same age

  • areej


  • areej


  • zinlove

    I feel that the movie was a little confusing . it wasn’t that bad either . but I think that princess and the popstar is much more fun and a better version of the princess and the pauper :P

    • Princess Analiese

      Princess and the popstar is a copy off of this movie this one is the original

  • katie

    this movie makes me smile :) child hood favorite, even the bloopers

  • Gregory Duncan

    I thought That a girl Was going to do it Oh well I Can’t judge a Movie