Barbie and the Diamond Castle (2008)

Barbie and the Diamond Castle (2008)

We’ll know the story of two best friends named Liana and Alexa, a story full of adventures and a very strong bond between them: their friendship, which had to go through many trials before reaching the Diamond Castle. They live together in a humble cottage; they only have each other and support themselves unconditionally.

On day while the girls are walking in the forest, an old woman gift them a mirror that at first, seems like a normal mirror, but they never imagined the extraordinary adventure would happen in their lives. Inside the mirror dwells Melody, a muse apprentice, who’s hidden from the evil muse Lydia and her ugly dragon Slyder. This pair of evil characters, bewitched the Diamond Castle because they wanted to take control of the place, a beautiful kingdom where songs are born.

Alexa and Liana will help Melody to break the spell and return to its previous state the Diamond Castle, but to do this they will have to go through unexpected adventures and even their friendship will be tested before triumphing. Lydia and Slyder will not allow them to achieve their goal and will do everything to destroy them. What will be the end of the story? Discover it!


  • chavindi

    vary nice

  • mallaya

    this reminds me of my best friend

  • Nethmi

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!

  • c.mehaashiinyee

    wow its an amazing story

  • c.mehaashiinyee

    i love this story beacouse its a freindship story

  • c.mehaashiinyee

    i wish magic is real

  • c.mehaashiinyee

    i love magic pretend its real do you like magic to?

    • hannah

      no u r stupid if u like magic

      • Akemi Lacie Blaire Baskerville

        youre the stupid one! before you correct someone try to fix your grammar first idiot! plus its not wrong to believe in magic sometimes magic it happens >,<

        • erin

          ur so right girl!

          • Akemi Lacie Blaire Baskerville

            hahha super!

  • c.mehaashiinyee

    love it beacouse love it

  • c.mehaashiinyee

    hey do you know heart attack song from demi lovato?

  • arabella



  • arabella

    if youre online can you chat

  • arabella

    i have seen this like a thousand time,s but i still really like it

  • arabella

    my favourite story is barbie in the pink shoes

  • Stephanie Chasteau

    i love the part with the friends singing

  • Hillary Aung

    I wish I found like that heart stones

  • kiara

    i think they are all good

  • cheng hue

    I wish I can stick with my friend like that AWWWWWW ….

  • Britney

    my BFF and i LOVE this movie because we are just like them i’m Liana and my BFF is Alexa.

  • maevril

    this movie remind me of my twinsister….i miss her so much

  • ok

    i guess the heart that they is looks like mine they are two but i lost the one

  • ME


  • sanaa

    i luv it

  • sanaa

    it reminds me of my bf

  • Aasia.

    Yeah this reminds me of one of my best friends too!And love the songs there so great could not do them better myself ;D

  • luvmyfamily

    I luv the songs AND the friendship of them
    funniest part is the two twin boys following them



    • luvmyfamily

      did u watch it 5 hours ago

  • Lolli

    Whenever I watch this show with my friend, she always says “OMG!!! This is exactly like us! You’re like Liana and I’m like Alexa and umm… Lets go find someone to be Melody!” Then I always say “Yea!” And then she says “Lets watch Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses. You can be Geneveive and I’ll be Lacey.” So after she says that, we both always say “And whenever there’s a song we’ll DANCE TO IT!!!” My friend always cheers me up so I never disagree with her when it comes to watching Barbie!!! Vote if you agree!!!

  • Rosa

    I love this movie and it reminds me that it is a true friendship

  • hannah

    I think liana is stupid

  • cheng hue

    why does it take so long 2 load if u had any problems like dis pls tell me what 2 do

  • Shanon

    One of my Favorite Movie

  • Shanon

    i love them ! Gosh

  • Princess2000

    I just love barbie movies I am 22 years old but stillll those r incredible I don’t know y but still I love barbie movie when I was 16 I knew about these movies nod still it’s touching my heatmy first movie was princess and pauper and still I remember that story I just loved those days

    • DaBoss

      princess and the pauper was my first and still favorite movie too!

    • Akemi Lacie Blaire Baskerville

      me too! princess and the pauper was my first movie too!

    • Princess Anneliese

      Princess and the Pauper is the best! I was obsessed with it when i was little i was the princess for halloween and made a dress that matched hers exactly i still haave it to this day accept its too small now :)

  • Princess2000

    Barbie diomand castle is suchhhh a good movie share ur thoughts if u think the same

  • Victoriah

    This is a movie of reminding our friends and the friendship we enjoyed with them.

  • Victoriah

    I love Barbie movies because they seem to magical and evil.

  • Victoriah


  • cheng hue

    wish I can sing like that do you?

  • irishdancerGC

    this movie is my fav for a bunch of differnt reasons but my #1 reason is the songs

  • tania

    i like the songs very much

  • thinuri liminika priyanwadhu

    true best friends never angry

  • sparklebarbie

    I am on mobile phones so I can watch it but not now if if I watch something when I have almost outta battery it’ll say cannot play video almost battery dead try again later

  • Asma Asif

    this movie was my first barbie movie and it is still my favorite

  • Princess Anneliese

    I love the songs!