Announcement: Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2 (2012)

Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2 (2012)

It’s been a year since Liah met her true story and knew she was a mermaid princess, she met her kingdom in the depths of the sea, made new friends and faced the evil of Eris, the mermaid who longs to steal the kingdom of Oceana. Liah decided to make her usual life as before, but now she can go to the kingdom under the ocean whenever she wants.In this new adventure, Liah has become in the favorite in a major surfing competition and one of her rivals Kylie Morgan, feels envy for Liah.

This hatred is used by Alistar a fish sent by Eris who wishes to end with Liah and her mother. Alistar convince Kylie to steal a necklace from Liah, the fish tell her that with the necklace she can dive into the depths of the ocean, assuring her that she’ll be able to win the competition by becoming a mermaid too.

But all this is a plan that has been prepared, because Eris wishes to escape and to steal the throne. Liah realizes about the theft and the intentions of her evil aunt so she must embark on a new challenge just to protect those she loves.


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    Say mermaid 5 times and see what happens when you touch water…
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    This is a lovely movie.I have never seen a movie like this. because it was soooooooooooooo wonderful & great.I can’t tell in words how i enjoyed the film.i think i will watch this movie [part 1&2] atleast 100 times.And i think if it is in real life.then i wish i will also be a FAIRY MERMAIDE HUMAN.I think with me other girls who are watching this movie will also love it

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    i just love it i wish i had something like necklace that i become a fairy or human and mermaid and i wish it exist

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