Announcement: Barbie in The Pink Shoes (2013)

Barbie in The Pink Shoes (2013)

This story star when Kristyn, a ballet student, buys new ballet shoes, she won’t imagine the magic that will emerge from them. Kristyn along with her friend Hailey will be transported to an amazing world where everything is dancing and their biggest dreams as dancers become true.

In this new world where they will live for some time, they meet the princes Albrecht and Hilarion, whom will immediately fall in love for Kristyn; they think they are living Giselle’s story without imagining that Kristyn is not herself, and that everything is a story created by the magical slippers. Everything seems to complicate when it appears The Snow Queen, who angrily do not want the presence of Barbie or Kristyn in that world and makes them prisoners.

The dance will not miss, but this time will not be something that pleases Kristyn and her friend, the Snow Queen will succeed this time. The only hopes of the friends are the magical slippers and the occurrence of a miracle. The girls want to go home and are afraid. What seemed like a fun dream has become a challenge to the friends. What will be the end of the story? Discover it!


  • Tung Li

    luv this movie

    • jenny

      i do to

  • jenny

    i love it

    • Nicole Hui

      me as well

    • chelsea nicole albino

      its realy love it

  • abeeha

    oh! its lovely:)

  • princess

    this movie is so lovely
    i wish i was barbie and everyone who loves dancing

  • rebecca

    love it

    • crystal


  • TRMinnie

    Amazing and Barbie is the best and she always looks beautiful and is always the hero of the story :)

  • Rosy

    I learned ballet and passed grade 1 when I was five, I quit a little while after I started grade 2. The song ‘Keep on dancing’ and this movie has inspired me to start learning and dancing ballet again. Thank you Barbie!

    • Nicole Hui

      i hope you can be a great ballerina, rosy!

      • Voiletta

        Me 2

  • Stephanie

    This movie brings back my Childhood <3

  • catgirl1213

    That was a good movie :3

  • catgirl1213

    By the way what happened to chat while I was gone not my the movie the last time I chat here was in spring :/

    • Princess8800

      It’s gone coz its illegal

  • Nicole Hui

    great movie!!! it totally rocks!!!

    • Nicole Hui

      it sure does

  • arabella


  • arabella

    my favorite shoes is pinks shoes of the malayis

  • Emily

    -I loved all the nice dancing from sd
    -i loved the music from ar
    -i liked the end from a
    AND WE LOVED THE WHOLE MOVIE! from sd,ar,ak

    • Wennalyn Cabatuan

      what??? you know i don’t understand you

  • Amna

    love with it <3

  • hope

    can i download the movie?

  • Emily

    i luv this movie

  • rubab

    i i love your movie

  • alaa ali

    amazing moive i love it so much

  • johnmargarett

    hey when will it be on blue ray

    • johnmargarett

      please comment

  • Rosie


  • Rosie

    The movie was awesome!!

  • Aasia.

    Love this movie! Since it came out i have been watching it.Its so cool! ;D

  • Sunčica Ivančica

    it was actually kind of a bit boring

    • sunsetlight

      i don’t care

  • Ganna

    Romantic , by ganna

  • sangam

    It was nice I love dancing

  • sangam


  • sangam

    your so nice Barbie and your nice dancing

  • christina

    sweet movie

  • sunsetlight

    the red shose



  • Jolene

    I like this video a lot

  • hannah

    movie ok

  • hannah

    I think Kristen is really ugly as herself and odette

  • hannah


  • dellancy

    i love it

  • oja


    • oja

      its just u know unexpected

  • oja


  • eve

    love ballet

  • cherlanda charles

    -I love all the beautiful dancing.
    -And I love all the music.
    – I loved when Barbie change dress, in the end of the movie.
    I love all the movie, all the actions.

  • naeem aslam

    beautiful movie

  • jaymee

    it is amazing!

  • yuri

    the shoes! it suddenly turned to pink in the end

  • Wennalyn Cabatuan

    i don’t like pink shoes because it was just like swan lake and also barbie is so overacting because she don’t like to go back if she go back that was happen will not happen her best friend will be not like that but she just disobeyed her best friend that’s why i don’t like barbie in the pink shoes just copied on swan lake….. don’t be rushed that;s only my opinion :)

  • Kushali

    I llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this movie.

  • sedra

    it cool i love barbie

    sedra my name sedra

  • loveanime

    sso cool

  • chelsea nicole albino

    i learn ballet from Barbie in the Pink Shoes

  • irishdancerGC

    awesome movie the song keep on dancing helped me to push myself to dance harder as if i was in a competion when it was only practice so thank you barbie

  • chelsea nicole albino

    why its to long?

  • chelsea nicole albino

    you know hanah if it is real life it will hurt sombody that you say to kristen (cast of barbie pink shoes) and odette (cast of barbie the swan lake) that they are ugly the odditor will hurt.

  • chelsea nicole albino

    i mean odette (cast of barbie pink shoes) not (cast of barbie swan lake)

  • I have a Window 8

    love it

  • carema2

    love it

  • carema2

    i want to be just like her

  • stephanie lotho

    sooooo amazing i want to watch this evreyday Pink shoes sooooooooooooooooooooo cool Im Amazed fantasic ending and im 11 yrs old XO

  • cutie

    hi I love it


    it is EPIC

  • Princess Trishea Cabrera

    This is Amazing !
    I Love this a lot !
    I Train to be A Ballet For 10 yrs form now :)

  • Ivanna

    Awesome and Barbie is cute

  • evelyn

    please release BARBIE IN THE CRYSTAL RIVER soon i am waiting anxiously

  • maddie

    takes so long to load ugh


    In Barbie of swan lake Barbie s name was also Odet.

  • enne

    i love ballet

  • aiman


  • cuchee cat

    this movie is great

  • That_Random_Commeter

    they didnt stop to think “oh why do those birds have glasses and a tiare on cause that is sooooo normal”

  • rosann


  • prince ahsan


  • gurjotkaur

    i love this movies
    it is so nice movies

  • chany

    i love the twist right after the sunset . the story of the swanlake becomes better.

  • tania

    i wish i could be like bale rina

  • tania

    and i wish i could dance like balerina and i had pink shoes

  • tania

    i love the songs too

  • veronnica

    tara and Natasha rip off of dance academy???

  • abby

    I don’t like many Barbie movies but i gotta say, i loved it. good job Barbie, this entire movie was very refreshing, a nice break from the Barbie cliche. I WANT MORE LIKE THIS ONE

  • Guest

    Luved it.

  • Angel Faria


  • Angel Faria


  • Angel Faria