Announcement: Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess (2013)

Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess (2013)

Mariposa is a much admired and beloved fairy around Flutterfield because between her and her friends managed to save the queen of all the fairies and they avoided that the fairies were eaten by fearsome monsters lurking at night. Therefore, the kings has entrusted to Mariposa a new mission: to attend Shimmerbell and seek reconciliation with the glass fairies, with those who the butterfly fairies have been long fought. The butterfly fairies no longer want to feel more fear.

Everyone in Flutterfield thinks that the glass fairies are bad and they destroy the butterfly fairies. And everyone in Shimmerbell thinks the same about the butterfly fairies. That is why the best ambassador of peace that can be used is Mariposa. So begins the adventure of our friend going to an unknown realm that does not seem as scary as it had been described.

Even Mariposa befriends Princess Katania, a good and lovely glass fairy. Both fairies have a lot in common. Both must face Gwillon a sorcerer who seeks to destroy the kingdom. An act that will teach them great lessons to both the butterfly fairies and the glass fairy. Will Mary unite the two kingdoms? Will be able Mariposa save them from all of Gwillon’s power?


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  • Hadiqa Jamil

    kia horaha hai?

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      nothing much :P

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    hello, how are you how is barbie???????????

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    when is this movie coming out?

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      the movie comes out on August 27,2013

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      i have no idea

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    this is crazy when is it coming out :(

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    August 27, 2013

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    when is it coming out

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      august 27,2013

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    i love it

  • jessica vu

    when is it out

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      august 27 2013

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    I am asking this question to the person who is making this movie When is this movie starting ??????????????????????

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    mlp crystsal pony anyone?

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      ya i know it sound like that i thought of that when i saw the trailer but its not really much like it the movie is accually pretty good

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    when does the movie comes out baby kaely 3<

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    (Barbie) – 1 more month? That should be worth waiting… (2 days later…) ITS BEEN 2 YEARS AND YET ITS STILL NOT OUT??? (Ken) – Barbie its only been 2 days. (Barbie) – But Ken! I starred in this movie! They should at least show it to me first! (Ken) – Barbie if you want to hide your identity be patient! (Barbie) – Fine. (Narrator) – Woah woah woah! Did you expect this to happen from Barbie? Cause I didn’t I’m Barbie’s director Lolli! and I love being Barbie’s director but wait a moment whats this I hear? Barbie climbing up a tree with Ken? No way that is so not a Barbie thing but as you can see Barbie’s here to say give it a try folks! Nothing can stop you from trying new things!

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      ur wierd

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        not really maybe 4 u

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      i no right



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    I cant download Dx

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      You’re not supposed to download it.

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    I can’t wait for this movie! I’m so excitedd!

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    i cant wait for this one to come out im so excited!

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    I can’t wait till the movie come out

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    I lved it soo much because they worked together as friend

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    Who here LOVED the first one?

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      i did and i cannnnnnnt wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiitttttttt cause i’ dying to see it

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    People! You aren’t suppose to download this because under the picture and that will be a trailer or the full movie!!! ♡♡♡

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    I have seen every Barbie movie but I have never seen this one

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    awesome. it comes out on my birthday

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      really that’s cool!! advance happy birthday!! ( just being friendly ) :P

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    how do you start the movie?

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    i cant waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!! im dying to watch it!

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    i love it

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    i can”t wait to watch this movie.

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    I love it. Can’t wait to see it.

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    i watched thise movie on megavideos and viooz

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      i watched this at movie4k

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    plz tell me how to add a profile pic…!

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    it came yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ooooooo god I can’t believe my eyes it came it came it came I am sooo dam happy wheel about to watch I am exited

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    so awesome
    this is awesome
    so cool
    love it <3

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    wow that is the most amazing movie i love it

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    this is super different from other movies
    it don have any real adventure
    the enemy only appear a bit and start on the last 20 minutes

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    I luv it!!!!!

  • Sophia

    but it looks like the princess is the one who save the day :(

    • Kiana

      did the ending play for you? it played up to around 63 minutes then it stopped and I cant get the ending to play

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    mariposa’s wings got even more beautiful!! I luv it!!!

  • Sophia

    i watch it just yesterday not 27

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    I just can’t believe this came o god so good wonderful movie share ur opinions also I think I am the firt one to see any ways enjoy the movie:):):):):):):):):):):):):)!!!!!!!!!!!

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    it looks like fairytopia but different one

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    cant wait :'( !!!!!!!!!

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    it jest did yesr day i am whoching it rite now bey joe babby :)

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    came out today

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    wow it is just the best

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    Grat movie!

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      it is out

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    Focus on popularity and fame so much, just like kids nowadays. So vain…In case you start judging and saying anything, I have a doctorate degree, don’t have to ask parents for money like most of you and much older than most of you.


    This movie is amazing

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      I love this movie



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    so amazing

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    The movie was great

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    WTH?!?! They don’t let this stuff out in theaters till August 27 2013, but they have it on DVD and everything before that?!?! The heck is wrong with this company…

    • Kristi

      How can you honestly be annoyed at that? Every company has it ready before the release date, and a true Barbie fan wouldn’t have this type of attitude. Just enjoy the movie!

  • Young Wild Free

    I’m just gonna comment to c the picture. :P

    • Young Wild Free

      Oh … whatever.

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    why can’t I watch it or download it?

    • Kristi

      You can, and an HD one at that, but I prefer sharing it in private. If you have a YouTube account, PM me at FlyToYourHeart00, as that’s my username, and I’ll give you the link. It’s not on YouTube, that’s not what I’m saying by the way. It’s just a way to contact me.


    this movie is amazing

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    I like to see the movie

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    I hope it’s

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    ooooh I like this movie!Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess is fun!

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    hafe of it is in the movie

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    but it is good

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    i love it

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    Coool Video I Learned The Song “Be a Friend” :-D

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    Already In a Few Days ^o^

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    Btw This Film Didn’t Stoped It Worked Fine ^-^

    u Should Enjoy It Peepz T_T

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    • branee lightbourne

      best movie ever

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    When I try watching it’s doesn’t work!!!!!!


    This movie is better then the others.This movie is fantastic

  • Barbie fan since 2001

    Awesome movie. :D

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    vry sw8 n nice movie :-)
    i lyk it…. :-)

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    Just finished watching this movie!! Its wonderful! Thanks for uploading it so quickly!

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    Wowwww…… This movie is really great…. I was waiting from so long to watch this movie…. I would rate this movie as 5 stars in 5….

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      ya…… me too….this movie is great

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    its very nice!!!

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    cool good movie

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    who are you joe bobby

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    love this movie

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  • Upset

    I am very disappointed – they used Elina’s voice for Mariposa!? What?? Her voice made her unique!! Her wings are way too small, and the faces are wrong! If you’re going to make a sequal, get things right, people!!!

    • Kristi

      Barbie plays Mariposa in this sequel, who is voiced by our beloved Kelly Sheridan. True, the original made her unique, but did you know that Chiara Zanni had also voiced Nori, a Fairytopia character like Mariposa? And if you don’t like, then you’re not a Barbie fan, because a true fan would like it either way, although I must admit the original Mariposa wasn’t exactly pretty, and Nori was prettier than Elina. I love each and every movie Mattel made, and this is a favorite of mine. I like Barbie playing Mariposa more, and I’m finally seeing Barbie’s facial features in a Fairytopia movie/sequel. Elina only looked like Barbie with her hair down, too.

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    wow nice and excellent

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    its good

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    why is marisposa’s face different from the last mariposa 2008 movie?

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    So annoying it keeps stopping

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    i love it its the newest and the best movie for this week.

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    what i have to say about dis movie –> brillant

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    pink haired gurl shows barbie her room what do u jave to say zeebe? zeebe: (fast) po pa disgust-a piter pak. 19:00 to 19:04 LMAO

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    awwwwww nice ending and the bad person was sooo beautiful when she was wearing the crystal necklace…

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    good movies

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    Love and can’t wait for barbie her sisters in a pony tale

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