Announcement: Barbie: The Princess and the Popstar (2012)

Barbie: The Princess and the Popstar (2012)

Friendship is something that often takes advantage of and this causes us to lose people we love so much. Barbie films always have a moral, princess Barbie and the pop star tells the story of a couple of friends, we are indeed talking about the princess Marbella and Keira who is a famous pop singer, but this may change and is then when they are together, they will find a number of secrets that may change both of their lives.

In this musical adventure, Barbie plays Tori, Princess Mirabella: when her favorite pop star, Keira, visits the kingdom, both discover a pair of magical secrets that will surprise them and will test their friendship. They discover that they can use magic to switch places, and they do it. Now Tori looks just like Keira and the other way around.

Tori teach to Kira everything she must know about the palace including the Gardenia that gives diamonds and is guarded by two tiny fairies. A robbery occurs and the problems start to happen. In this adventure they will be vulnerable to a number of problems that may end their endeared friendship. What will be the end of the story? Discover it!


  • Oshio Cha


  • Tung Li

    lol kriter he looks like cinderella.

  • Hillary Aung

    <3 <3 <3 this movie so much

  • natalia

    this movie is absolutely fantastic

    • Isabelshygirl

      good words you got
      and yes it is fantastic

    • dellancy

      your right

  • natalia

    don’t anyone else miss that chat box?

    • Princess8800

      I do

      • na


  • innocent sawaira

    it’s awesome movie…i luv this very much…<3
    nd i luv barbie movies sooo much <3

  • Isabelshygirl

    I Love thier songs sometimes it got stuck on my head because I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!


    my fevert movies or carmm school, prinsses and the popstar, thombela, three muskateers.

  • maryam1234567890

    this is absolutely terrific and the songs are catchy love it! love it! love it!

  • maryam1234567890

    I literally love this movie especially the songs

    • khadija

      me too

  • Princess8800

    Why don’t they tell what happens to the prince in the end

    • amit

      me to Why don’t they tell what happens to the prince in the end

    • dellancy

      yes i know

  • Amna

    love it

  • hey

    Love this movie I’ve seen all the barbie movies now yay me lol :)

  • asima

    love this movie

  • pelagia

    This movie is so cool

  • BarbieFairyMagic

    Love the songs !!!

  • DanielliciousAshfudge

    really…really fantastic :P

  • dellancy

    ahaahha this is so wonderful

  • dellancy

    its really amazing

  • dellancy

    haahahahah i love it

  • dellancy

    it is awesome

  • dellancy

    i like barbie the princess and the popstar i like kiara and vic

  • dellancy

    i love the song

  • dellancy

    l-ike it
    o-ur song
    v-ery fantastic

  • dellancy

    that was hilarious movie

  • fidha

    this is my best Barbie movie

  • amy


  • molly

    this reminds me of princess and the pauper

  • Nerissa

    i love this website !!!!!<3

  • devin

    this one is so terrible… this one and the pink shoes are my least favorites. They’re so badly written… They are good concepts and then the writers just ruined them. Ugh they’re awful. I hope Mariposa and the fairy princess as well as Pony Tale are going to be done by different writers

    • Princess Anneliese

      Yeah i dont like this one either is so cheesey with a diamond bush and magic haibrush and microphone…. i like the original Princess and the Pauper much better


    This movie is nice but Barbie in the pink shoes is much better.

  • Bisharah Batool

    my fav part is the song to be a princess/ to be a popstar

  • Amy

    the song tori sang when showing keira how to be a princess reminds me of a song in the princess and the pauper.

  • gabrielle angelie savillo

    I love the dog`s

  • Akemi Lacie Blaire Baskerville

    the only thing i can say is.. I LOVE IT!

  • na

    i love barbie thumbelina and the pink shoes and charming school and their songs

  • na

    noth or south barbie is d best

  • juhi

    to whom does the prince likes? princess or the popstar?

  • na

    I ;OVE IT

  • na


  • maddie

    so long to load ugh

  • akasha


  • Princess Blair

    i am princess

  • aleezay gul

    I love this movie. it,s my favourite.sogs are awesom too.

  • Asma Asif

    this movie is faaaaaabuuuulous

  • Gabriella

    I just realised this is a modern day Princess and the Pauper movie.

  • Lawla Nakato

    who ever made dis page I love it “thanks man”

  • tori vega

    i love this movie but what happens to the prince in the end

  • tori vega


  • tori vega


  • Mei Ling Li

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